90 Day Essential Health Reset Program

90 Day Essential Health Reset Program

The Essential Health Reset Program

Simple. Doable. Sustainable. 
No fad diets. No calorie counting

This back-to-basics evidence backed program, is designed to give you the tools to enable you to reclaim your health story and enact lasting change. 

Delivered by a functional medicine GP, and built on the principles of evidence-based medicine, our digital toolbox will equip you with everything you need to start writing the next chapter of your health story.

6 x Live Webinars

Hosted by Dr. Nelda, these webinars and Q&A sessions will set you on your health journey

6 x Self Guided Workbooks

Interactive challenges and activities delivered to your inbox fortnightly

Personalized Health App

Set goals, log meals, share metrics - you can track your entire health journey, all from your pocket.

Digestible Health Info

Easy to understand resources and tools to empower you to take your health journey into your own hands

How The 90-Day Essential Health Reset Program can help you.

Have you been diagnosed with high blood sugar or abnormal cholesterol levels? Do you have high blood pressure

Are you overweight or struggling with hormonal issues such as polycystic ovarian syndrome

In mainstream medicine these conditions are treated as separate entities with condition-specific treatment protocols, but did you know that they share the same root cause and drivers? They are all lifestyle conditions caused by metabolic imbalances

The 90 Day Essential Health Program takes a functional medicine approach to the prevention and management of these conditions. 

We look upstream to identify the drivers of metabolic imbalance. We then help you take back control of your health by addressing these drivers, and giving you all the knowledge and tools you need to optimise your lifestyle and turn your health around.

Course Modules

Gut Health

Restore your gut health and learn how to use food as medicine

Immune Reset

Reset your immune system to reduce underlying chronic inflammation

Hormonal Balance

Restore hormonal balance and reset your metabolism

Energy Levels

Restore mitochondrial health and reset your energy levels

Liver Health

Reset your liver and optimise your body's ability to remove toxins


Reset your priorities and learn how to minimise the impact of chronic stress




Dr Nelda Swart

Founder & Functional Medicine GP

Meet your team

Welcome to Kintsugi Health

My name is Dr Nelda Swart and I’m the Founder of Kintsugi Health. I qualified as a medical doctor in 1986 and have worked in mainstream medicine as a GP until 2018.

It was my love for people and their unique life stories, as well as a frustration with the limitations imposed by regular 15 minute consultations, that led me to open up my own slow-medicine practice in 2018. I discovered functional medicine soon afterwards and knew that this is the way I want to practice.

For this reason I decided that we would rather help a smaller group of patients really well, than trying to help all patients a little bit.

That is why we now focus exclusively on metabolic health (weight management, blood sugar control and cholesterol issues), chronic pain, women’s health and gut health.

I look forward to working with you to meet your health goals and reclaim your health story.

“It was my love for people and their unique life stories, as well as a frustration with the limitations imposed by regular 15 minute consultations, that led me to open up my own slow-medicine practice in 2018. I discovered functional medicine soon afterwards and knew that this is the way I want to practice.”

What's Included?

The 90 Day Essential Health Reset Program will give you all the skills, strategies and knowledge you will need to reclaim control of your health and to decide what the next chapter of your health story will look like.

Our transformative, evidence-based program features a combination of live webinars, self directed learning, personalised health resources and access to support along the way.


Fortnightly Webinars

Hosted by Dr. Nelda, a Functional Medicine GP, and Nutritional & Lifestyle Medicine Practitioner

Q&A's with a Functional Medicine GP

Following each fortnightly webinar will be an exclusive 30min Q&A with Dr. Nelda

Self Directed Work Books

Evidence-based activities and challenges to help you enact meaningful change from the comfort of your home

Interactive Meal Planner

Get access to a premium meal plan builder and recipe database, Living Plate, for two weeks

Food Journal

Easily track your meals, view estimated nutritional information and note symptoms and feelings after meals.

Health Metric Tracking

Easily capture your health metrics throughout your journey to track your progress

Goal Tracking

Set health goals with simple reminders to enact meaningful and lasting change

Educational Resources

We've made medical knowledge accessible and easy to understand

Digital Toolbox

Access to the Healthie App which will put your Health Toolbox right at your fingertips.

Optional Extras to Expand your Health Toolbox

Consultation Packages

For those that might want a more personalised approach, you can book a consultation package with Dr. Nelda.

This series of one-on-one consultations will include a lifestyle and medical assessment and referral for baseline pathology testing, after which you will receive a personalised treatment and management plan.

Functional Testing

If you are wondering what's happening in your gut, or you'd like to know more about your unique hormonal profile and metabolic pathways, or you are worried about your cholesterol levels, we have a range of Focused Treatment Plans available.

These plans include the cost of the functional test, in addition to one consultation with Dr. Nelda.

I am excited to support you on your journey to reclaiming your health story!

If you’re ready to book, simply click the Join Now button or if you have any questions, concerns or simply just want to see if you think we’ll be a good medical match for you, book an obligation free discovery call below or send us a message.


90 Day Essential Health Reset

Next program starts on 12 September 2022
$ 173
/ month
  • For 3 Months.
  • 6 x Live webinars with Functional Medicine GP
  • 6 x Self-paced, guided workbooks
  • Resources on nutrition, sleep, movement and resilience
  • Access to our patient portal, Healthie - where you can track your health journey