Focused Treatment Plans

These focused plans are suitable for patients who are keen to explore specific aspects of their health from a functional medicine perspective, and are confident that they can implement their treatment plan without needing ongoing support. 

How do the Focused Treatment Plans work?

Each plan focuses on a specific area of health and include relevant functional testing. The associated report and treatment plan is based on analysis of the test results and assessment, and interpreted from both a mainstream and functional medicine perspective.

Patients complete an online comprehensive medical, lifestyle and nutritional questionnaire. We use this information to identify triggers and drivers, and to assess for symptoms associated with possible imbalances in any of the 8 systems in the functional medicine matrix.

Please note that these plans do not include any direct interaction with a health practitioner

Functional tests are not covered by Medicare and are therefor seldom requested in mainstream medicine. These tests are far more specific than the more common screening tests your GP may order. They provide in-depth information about underlying imbalances that may impact your health.

Patients receive a copy of their test report along with an in-depth analysis of the results.  They also receive a personalised treatment plan based on information gathered from their assessment and the test results. The treatment plan includes recommended lifestyle interventions, nutritional strategies, as well as supplement recommendations where appropriate.

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Gut Health


A healthy gut is foundational to overall health and wellbeing. Get an in-depth analysis of your gut health with the Gut Health Focused Treatment Plan.

A comprehensive microbiome map is included in this price ($387), and provides information about your digestive health, gut immunity, gut wall inflammation and permeability, as well as a close-up look at the microbes living in your gut and the balance between harmful and beneficial bacteria.

You will receive a tailored management plan based on your microbiome report and your medical and lifestyle assessment to help you optimise your gut health.

Cardiovascular Health

$ 500

This plan will provide you with a more accurate risk assessment than a standard cholesterol test. It includes:

  • Comprehensive cardiovascular profile ($250 included in price): Inflammatory markers, clotting risk, genetic risk, and 7 x LDL subfractions
  • Comprehensive health screen (Medicare covered)
  • Tailored lifestyle and nutritional management plan

It is also highly recommended that you have a CT CAC score done (not included in price, average cost $100-$150) to measure the amount of calcium in the walls of your arteries to your heart. 

Hormonal Health


 The DUTCH complete hormone test ($385 included in the price) is the most comprehensive test available to evaluate hormones. 

It provides a full assessment of sex as well as adrenal hormones.  It provides a comprehensive picture of how the adrenal and reproductive hormone imbalances may be contributing to period problems, peri-menopausal symptoms, acne, PCOS, mood issues, and fatigue. It also provide information about specific estrogen pathways associated with breast cancer.

Your tailored nutrition and lifestyle plan will help you optimise your hormonal balance and overall health.