Pain Online Clinic

If you suffer from chronic pain and have tried multiple medications to relieve your symptoms, without success, our Pain Online Clinic may offer a solution. 

With most prescription medications, the side effects often outweigh the benefits. We apply the principles of functional medicine to address the underlying drivers of your symptoms, before we offer plant-based solutions like medicinal cannabis and natural supplements. 

Our aim is to help you manage your symptoms while reducing your dependency on prescription medications. 

Want to join the clinic?

Register Your Interest

In order to join our Pain Online Clinic, you will need to register your interest with us first. This screening process makes sure that we are the right fit for you.

To register your interest please book a screening call using the button below. This is a FREE 15 min phone call or video call with our Functional Medicine GP.

Once you have booked your call, you will be asked to complete an Registration of Interest form.

How does the Clinic work?

Telehealth Consults

Our consultations take place via phone or video through a secure HIPAA compliant platform. Due to Medicare regulations pertaining to telehealth consultations, we are unable to offer Medicare rebates. Consult subscriptrions are available at a reduced rate.

Nutrition and Lifestyle Treatment Plans

In keeping with our comprehensive approach to chronic pain and anxiety, patients are offered a tailored nutritional and lifestyle treatment plan, either as a stand-alone or in addition to prescriptions for plant-based medications.

Plant-based Medications

Our treatment plans may include prescriptions for medicinal cannabis where appropriate through the Authorised Prescriber Pathway. You can read more about medicinal cannabis here:

Opioid and benzodiazepine reduction strategies

Our aim is to reduce the impact of underlying drivers like gut dysbiosis and inflammation through lifestyle and nutritional interventions. The addition of plant-based medications may help with dose reduction of these problematic medications.

Important information about medicinal cannabis

As medicinal cannabis is only available through the Special Access Scheme and not yet registered with the TGA, patients need to meet certain criteria before they can access this medication. To see if you qualify, please book a free screening call,  and complete the patient registration form.

It is important that your treating doctor knows that you are considering medicinal cannabis. For this reason, we would appreciate a referral or at least a complete health summary from your regular GP. 

Who is the Clinic for?