‘Stay on Track’ Coaching Package

‘Stay on Track’ Coaching Package

Looking for ongoing support for continued success in your health journey? 

The “Stay on Track” coaching program is designed for individuals who are seeking ongoing support and guidance on a specific health topic, or for those who have completed the “Get On Track” program and want to continue receiving regular coaching check-ins.


You can come to sessions with a specific health goal or topic in mind and receive support and guidance to help you overcome challenges and make progress towards your desired outcomes. Additionally, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss any roadblocks or challenges you may be facing, and receive guidance on how to maintain healthy habits and behaviors over the long term. With the “Stay on Track” coaching program, you’ll stay accountable, motivated, and on track towards your health and wellness goals. 


If you’re new to health coaching or are taking the first step to invest in your health, we recommend checking out our “Get on Track” health coaching package instead. This package is coupled with our ‘Roadmap to Healthy Living’ and provides the framework and foundation for healthy living that offers a great starting point for your health journey. 


*This coaching package best supports individuals who are looking for coaching and support for a specific health topic. 


What you’ll receive:

“Stay on Track” coaching Package:

  • Two 45 minute sessions per month
  • Ongoing communication and support

During each coaching session, clients can expect to:

  • Identify barriers to change and develop strategies to overcome them
  • Discuss how to incorporate healthy habits into their lifestyle
  • Receive tailored guidance and support based on their unique needs and goals
  • Develop a clear action plan to help them achieve sustainable, long-term improvements to their health and wellbeing


Your Investment

Individual: $150 per month

Group (coming soon): $75 per month


If you’re ready to reclaim your health and would like to sign up for the stay on track coaching package, simply click the book appointment button below.

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Feeling overwhelmed with where to begin in order to reclaim your health? 

The Master Roadmap to Healthy Living  offers a personalized and comprehensive program that empowers you with expert guidance, the latest evidence-based information, and strategies to achieve optimal health.

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