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I help women reclaim control of their health journey by making healthy living simple, doable and sustainable.

Reclaim your health Story

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What if you could get back in the driver’s seat of your unique health journey?

Welcome to  Kintsugi woman’s health coaching, where it’s all about whole-woman wellness and  healthier living.  By blending lifestyle medicine, neuroscience, storytelling and the principles of kintsugi, I help you restore a way of life filled with resilience, self-love, and a renewed sense of purpose.  I understand that women often face unique health challenges and that addressing these within the context of their individual stories is far more powerful than simply prescribing lifestyle solutions. 

Life is a mosaic of experiences, both light and shadow. As a health coach, I believe in the power of honouring every chapter of your life story, and embracing the lessons learned from the past to help you unlock and reclaim your inner wisdom and strength. 


“Your life is made up of a tapestry of stories. Each story, whether joyous or painful, contributes to the richness of who you are.”

Reclaim your health Story

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It’s time to flip the script on self-care

Have you lost your mojo? Struggling with stubborn weight gain despite doing all the ‘right’ things? Feeling overwhelmed with life’s pressures and the multitude of hats you’re expected to wear?

If you’re nodding along, you’re not alone. Hi, I’m [Your Name], a seasoned health coach with a unique background in lifestyle and nutritional medicine gained from years of practice as a GP in Australia. I get it—I understand the intricate dance of healthy living, especially for us women.

The Norm: Reluctance to Prioritize Self-Care

In my extensive experience working with hundreds of women, I’ve observed that the reluctance to prioritize self-care is not the exception; it’s the norm. It’s a challenge that many of us face, and the toll it takes on our well-being can be significant.

A Journey Tailored for You

But here’s the good news – you don’t have to navigate this journey alone. Together, let’s redefine what healthy living means for you. If you’re grappling with guilt when taking me-time or finding it hard to implement new strategies for a healthier lifestyle, I’m here to guide you.

Your Personalized Path to Well-being

As your health coach, my approach is rooted in understanding your unique challenges and aspirations. We’ll work together to break down the barriers that might be holding you back. Whether it’s reclaiming your mojo, conquering resistant weight gain, or embracing the aging process with confidence, we’ll tailor a plan that’s just right for you.

Make Yourself a Priority—You Deserve It

It’s time to flip the script on self-care. You deserve to be at the top of your priority list. Join me on a transformative journey where we’ll work together to address your health concerns and foster a mindset shift towards prioritizing your well-being.

Ready to reclaim control and live life on your terms? Let’s start this empowering journey together.

Our Services

How I approach coaching

  1. Empowerment through Knowledge: Knowledge is the cornerstone of empowerment. By unraveling the intricate connections between lifestyle choices and physical as well as mental well-being, I equip you with the tools to enact positive change. Through bite-sized, evidence-backed insights, I demystify complex scientific information, making it accessible and actionable for you.

  2. Beyond Knowledge – Exploring Your Inner Landscape: Recognizing that knowledge alone isn’t always enough, we embark on a journey to uncover the hidden barriers to change. Together, we delve into your unique ‘environment,’ exploring thoughts, beliefs, and habits that may hinder your path to a healthier lifestyle. By understanding these underlying factors, we pave the way for sustainable transformation.

  3. Harnessing the Power of Your Brain: Your brain is a remarkable ally in the quest for change. Leveraging insights from neuroscience, we unravel the intricacies of behavior change. I guide you in understanding how your brain can either propel you forward or hold you back. Together, we devise strategies to harness its potential and align it with your goals.

  4. You Are the Expert: In your journey towards health and happiness, you are the ultimate authority. I firmly believe that you possess the inherent wisdom and resources needed to effect change in your life. My role is to empower you to tap into your innate capabilities and unleash your full potential.

  5. Taking the Wheel: Your journey is yours to navigate. As your guide and ally, my role is to support you in reclaiming the driver’s seat of your life. You set the agenda, and we move forward at a pace that feels right for you. Together, we embark on a transformative journey towards a healthier, happier you.

As a coach I can help you rediscover your own wisdom, strength and skills to navigate your unique journey towards a healthier body and a healthier mind. I can help you reclaim your ‘mojo’ and tackle life with a renewed sense of purpose and energy.

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Reclaim your health Story

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